Access Plex Media Server Web Console. Access Plex Media Server on your Server URL, port 32400, e.g If Plex is installed on a remote server, setup SSH tunnel for initial configuration: ssh [email protected]-L 32400:localhost:32400. Then you can then access Plex web interface on localhost port 32400.

If you ALSO want to be able to stream music directly to an Alexa device, you also need to Manually Specify a Public Port number for Public Remote Access to your Plex Media Server. In the Remote Access area of your Plex Server Settings, enable "show advanced", and you will see the option to set a Public Port. Plex VPN: Configuration, Details, Routing & Port Nov 03, 2018 Plex - How to Port Forward - YouTube Jan 04, 2015 How to Fix Plex Remote Access not Working - Updating to the Latest Version. There are many instances where several bugs are induced into the …

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