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The only reward for this is J'zargo will be willing to be a follower for you - there's no questline this locks you out of, etc - so you might just give up and move on. Another alternative is to use the console, if you're on the PC. Try: resetquest MGRAppJzargo01. which should reset this quest and allow you to retry it. How to stop J'zargo from using his flame cloak? : skyrimmods How to stop J'zargo from using his flame cloak? PC SSE - Help. He's a funny companion, and I like his banter with Inigo, but he always aggros everyone with his stupid flame cloak spell. Is there a way to disable it through xEdit or AFT or something? 3 comments. share. save hide report. Skyrim (J´zargo´s experiment) test flame cloak spell - YouTube Jan 04, 2017

Jun 18, 2018

A quest marker will appear with each undead killed while under the effects of J'zargo's Flame Cloak. Undead do not need to be killed by the scrolls' damage; dying of other weapon or spell damage while under the effects of the scroll will satisfy the quest conditions.

I got the fire tooth on the named fireborn yesterday, so now just missing the totem hilt. I doubt I will have better by then and will probably end up doing the quest get this cloak at higher levels. The reasons: (A)I've been playing EQ for since December 2001 and out of my dozen characters on various servers, my main and highest character

Form ID: Name: Editor Name: Value: Weight: 000967E3: J'zargo's Flame Cloak Scroll: MGRJzargo1Scroll: 100: 0.5: 000218F2: Scroll of Bane of the Undead How to use scrolls & Best Scrolls to use in Skyrim(Must See)